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I can do. I can be. I can have.
One can. He can. She can. We can. They can. You can.
Can I do? Can I be? Can I have?
Can one do? Can he be? Can she have?
Could we do? Could they be?
Can. Could. Will. Would. May. Might. Shall. Should. Must.

One does have. Others do have.
Does one have? Do others have?
One has done, been and had.
Others have done, been and had.
Has one been? Have others been?
One did have. Others did have.

Where is one? One is here.
One is where he is.
What is one doing?
One is doing what one wants to do.
One is doing that which one wants to do.
Which is this?
This is that which you requested.
When will he come?
When does he come?
Why does he come?
How does he come?
He comes when he wishes to come.
He comes because he wishes to come.
He comes quickly and by bus.

Reflexive and Pronominals
se = oneself (male, female, neutre), himself (male). herself (female), itself (neutre), themselves (males, females, neutres).
me = myself. nous = (ourselves). vous = (yourself)(yourselves).
Il se lava. (He self washed) = He bathed. (Il lava). (He self bathed). He washed. (He washed himself).
Il se lava les mains. (He himself washed the hands). Il s'est lavé les mains. (He himself is washed the hands.) = He washed his hands. (Il lava ses mains).
Je me promene (I myself walk) = I walk.
Il se jeta dans la rivière. (He himself threw into the river). = He threw himself in the river.
Les hommes se sont battus. (The men themselves are beaten) = The men fought with one another, with each other. (l'un avec l'autre).
Les fruits se mangent crus (The fruits themselves eat raw) = Les fruits sont mangés crus = The fruits are eaten raw.
Il s'enfuit. (He himself flees). He flees. = He runs away.

Je suis. = I am.
On est. = One is.
J'étais. (I was being). = I was.
Je fus. = I was.
J'ai été (passé) = I was.
I was being. = J'étais (extraordinairement).
On était. = (One was being.) One was.
On fut. = One was.
On a été (passé) = One was.
One was being. = On était (extraordinairement).
On est allé. (One is gone)(passé). = One went. (past).
Je suis allé (I am gone) (passé). = I went. (past).
One is gone. = On n'est pas ici.
I am gone. = Maintenant, je ne suis pas ici.
I have gone. = Maintenant, déjà je suis allé.
One has gone. = Maintenant, déjà l'on est allé.
One is broken. = L'on est cassé (maintenant).
One was broken. = L'on était cassé. (One was being broken).
One was being broken. = L'on était en train d'étre cassé.
Was = fus, fut, était, étais, a été, ai été.
Have been. = ai été (maintenant, completion).
Je me suis demandé. = I asked myself. I wondered.
I have asked myself. = Maintenant, déjà je me suis demandé.
Je me demande. = I ask myself. I wonder.

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